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e.motion21 presents Raising The Bar, a confronting and colorful insight into the realities of life for individuals living across two vastly diverse continents, full of determination, humour and courage.

e.motion21 and Mind Blowing Films in association with Anticlock Films Production Presents
Raising The Bar
Directed by Onir
Associate Director Donald Percy
Writer Zain Khan Durrani
Produced by Cate Sayers (e.motion21), Mitu Bhowmick Lange (Mind Blowing Films)


Thanks to incredibly generous support from the Australian community, e.motion21 took a group of 60 youth with Down syndrome and their carers to India, and created a documentary of the experience with acclaimed Indian director Onir.  Confronting, colourful and insightful, the documentary follows the lives of 6 young people from India and Australia who meet at the World Down Syndrome Congress, in Chennai India.

The documentary embraces the universality of humans living across vastly different cultures, and inspires deeper understanding and embracing of difference.

“Raising The Bar is a beautiful and authentic insight into human potential, and society’s influence on all of us”, said Cate Sayers, Founder and Director of e.motion21.

This film is an honest portrayal, which is moving, inspiring, humorous and challenging. It challenges perceptions and reinforces the impact of expectations.


Down syndrome is the most common cause of intellectual disability. 7 million people with Down syndrome are estimated to be living in the world today, and rising.  India has the highest number of babies born with Down syndrome worldwide.

Often these individuals are shut out from opportunities to participate in activities, which many others take for granted. Through portraying the personal stories of families living with Down syndrome in India and Australia, we hope this documentary will challenge the many stereotypes and misperceptions of Down syndrome, to effect real change.

The documentary is intended to appeal to the general population. Its aim is to emotionally engage viewers, and to take them on their own personal journey of growth, as they bear witness to the uniqueness and universality of humans.

It is our wish that audiences viewing this documentary and the incredible human beings in it, will experience a transformation. We hope that instead of viewing people with Down syndrome as “those people” they will begin to view them as simply ‘people,’ and that embracing what is different becomes so natural, that everyone feels that they can belong.

Our aim is for mass distribution of the film in India, Australia and beyond.  



e.motion21 is a not-for-profit organisation founded in April 2009 by Cate Sayers, after she was unable to find an appropriate dance class to meet the learning needs of her daughter who has Down syndrome.

e.motion21 has a huge vision; to enhance lives and change perceptions of Down syndrome within society. It does this through moving bodies and moving boundaries.

Moving bodies: providing evidence-based dance and fitness programs for children and young adults with Down syndrome in a supportive and social environment tailored to meet their specific learning needs.

Moving boundaries: providing channels to engage positively with individuals, families and communities to build relationships, uncover new potential, promote awareness and raise expectations of the abilities of people with Down syndrome.

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