This moving and inspiring documentary film by acclaimed Indian Director Onir, follows six incredible young people with Down syndrome who meet at the World Down Syndrome Congress in Chennai India.

What makes this story different is it’s raw honesty into the impact love, determination and the human spirit can have on one’s life to overcome barriers. This film extraordinary in how it portrays the ordinariness of its heroes, and it does this with humour and at times through challenging the audience in their subconscious bias.

With an insight into vastly different cultures and communities across two continents, it inspires viewers to consider diversity in all of its facets, to create opportunities that embrace difference and to see what is possible when expectations are raised and people are given supportive environments in which they can strive and thrive.


Through portraying the personal stories of individuals and their families living with Down syndrome in India and Australia, it is our aim to challenge and ultimately break the societal stereotypes and misperceptions of Down syndrome. It is our belief that to effect real change this will be an important step forward.

It has been filmed for appeal to the general population and to emotionally engage with the audience; taking individuals through the incredible individual stories of courage and success whilst challenging them to look inwards and take a moment to reflect on their personal barriers for change.

Down syndrome is the most common cause of intellectual disability in the world today and is still very much misunderstood. The global population of people living with Down syndrome is nearing eight million and rising; with India having the highest birth rate of children born annually.

If we continue to hold onto antiquated beliefs of what is possible, individuals will continue to be shut out of opportunities and life. People with Down syndrome are no different to others; experiencing highs and lows, having dreams and aspirations, all of which are waiting to be fulfilled simply through the gift of the right opportunities to participate and belong.

Our aim is for maximum viewing across all sectors of society, with a focus on youth.